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Weightlifting Federation stops using Chinese equipment

The Indian Weightlifting Federation (IWLF) has decided not to use sports equipment made in China. According to the national body, the apparatus bought is faulty. Earlier, IWLF secretary-general had shown support to the Indian Olympic Association’s plan to ban Chinese sponsors.

Faulty Chinese products

The governing body had ordered four weightlifting sets including barbells and weight plates last year. A Chinese company named ZKC had supplied these products in 2019. IWLF has said that the equipment is faulty and the weightlifters no longer use them.   

In a letter to Sports Authority of India, IWLF informed them they will not use any Chinese made equipment. Sahdev Yadav, secretary-general IWLF has said that one should boycott all Chinese equipment.

Yadav also said that in future the federation will not use any sets made in China. They shall be using Indian made equipment or any other company except China.

Weightlifting Federation Coaches and Athletes against Chinese equipment

Vijay Sharma, national coach of IWLF has revealed that the plates received from ZKC were sub-standard in nature. The sets were spoilt and they cannot use it now. He informed about this when athletes returned to training post the lockdown.

Sharma also added that the weightlifters at the camp are against anything Chinese. Athletes have stopped using Chinese apps like Tik Tok. They have made a conscious effort of not using any Chinses products.

Sharma explained the rationale behind ordering these sets as the same will be used at the Tokyo Olympics. The weightlifters needed to be familiar with it but these turned out to be defective.

Generally, IWLF does not order equipment from China but 2019 was the first time they ordered the apparatus. The weightlifters are now training with Swedish made equipment. Sports Authority of India had issued 10 sets of these. The current equipment is from Swedish company ELICKO. ELICKO products are widely used across the globe in international competitions.

There are a lot of alternatives available for Chinese manufactured equipment. The call to boycott Chines gathered force after the skirmish between India and China at the Galwan Valley. It is one of the most violent face-offs in recent years resulting in the death of Indian army personnel.

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