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Tokyo Olympics 2020 or Tokyo Olympics 2021?

The pandemic is taking a huge toll on public health security and the Coronavirus cases across the globe have passed the mark of 23 lakhs cases as of today on 19th April 2020. Many sports events and tournaments have been cancelled in light of increasing cases all over the world. Though the outspread of the disease started much in early February world wide, the committee of Olympics was determined not to postpone or cancel it. This time, the Olympics 2020 was set to happen in Tokyo, Japan. And all though the preparations for the same were nearly done, seeing the current scenario of the spread the Prime Minister of Japan and the International Olympics Committee (IOC) gave the verdict of postponing the games. 

As there were many countries like Canada, Australia, and more that started withdrawing their teams from the games and the cases shot up in mid-March, the decision of postponing the Tokyo Olympics 2020 was made on 24th March 2020.The games have been cancelled previously due to World War I and World War II three times. This is the fourth time that the games have to be rescheduled. The committee and several other organisations have agreed to postpone the game from 24th July 2020 and will be held before the summer of 2021. 

That said, they also mentioned that there would be no changes made to the name of games that are plastered on the toys, signs and other branded materials. Hence although being held in 2021, this Olympics will have the same title of “Olympic and Paralympic Games Tokyo 2020”.

Many other international tournaments such as Euro 2020, Champions League and more have been postponed. Several other tournaments like IPL, Formula One, BWF Tour, World Test Champion and other such events have been cancelled or suspended for this year.

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