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The ultimate goal is to include Kabaddi in Olympics

Kabaddi is one of the most loved and played sports in India. It is a moment of pride for all the Kabaddi fans all over the world due to the recent talks to include Kabaddi in Olympics. The Union Minister of Youth Affairs and Sports, Kiren Rijiju, has initiated the talk for including Kabaddi in Olympics. He said that this sport not only has a huge fan base in Asia, but appeals globally to several sports lovers and now is the time that it should be added in the Olympics.

The Minister said that after including Kabaddi in Asian games, it is now better for all the Asian countries to come together to make sure that the sport is included in the Olympics as that is the ultimate goal. Kiren Rijiju also stated that while there are constant efforts for including Kabaddi in Olympics, we should also improve the standard of the game in our country. He also said that we should propagate it across the other locations in India as well as other parts of the world where there is little to no awareness about this sport. Including Kabaddi, will give the needed attention to this sport and also help the younger generation to learn it with enthusiasm.

The Minister addressed over 700 kabaddi coaches all over India and other several countries, including Malaysia, Korea and others at the Online Coaches Knowledge Enhancement session that was organized by the Sports Authority of India (SAI) in 20 sporting disciplines. As the country is under a nationwide lockdown in the light of Covid-19 many authorities and officials are now conducting meetings over video conferences and online workshops. The Minister also hailed the work done by SAI for conducting such online workshops where every day, about 8000 coaches from 20 sports disciplines are participating daily. 

The Minister also said that there had been instances where Indian teams have lost the game to the western countries due to the lack of such information on knowledge of rules. As there are many tournaments and sports events that have been canceled, such initiatives to use the online mediums for conduction meetings and workshops will definitely help to keep ourselves updated on the rule change in sports. But this time it should be taken care of by keeping ourselves updated using the technology for the betterment of sports in our country.

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