Princepal Singh gears up for NBA G league
Princepal Singh gears up for NBA G league

Princepal Singh says – Hope to play NBA soon

Indian basketball fans rejoiced after Princepal Singh became the fourth player to be drafted in the National Basketball Association ( NBA) G-league. After Satnam Singh, Palpreet Singh Brar and Amjyot Singh Gill, Principal is the fourth player to be drafted in the NBA. Satnam and Amjyot played in 2016-17 and 2019, respectively, for their G-league teams. Palpreet was, however, not picked after being selected in 2016. Princepal will be the third Indian player to represent his 21-member NBA team in the G-league. 

Since 2018 NBA started top young players a chance to begin their professional career by offering them such opportunity. Players get a direct contract by the NBA for the same. Brian Shaw, five-times NBA champion, is going to coach Princepal in the G-League. Brian has experience of more than 30 years as an NBA player and a coach as well.

Singh’s journey so far

Princepal Singh didn’t know much about basketball till he was 14. Singh used to play volleyball in his village and later started training for basketball said Jaipal Singh, who has taught all the basics of basketball to Princepal. Jaipal was a coach at the Ludhiana Basketball academy and recalled the time when he first spotted Princepal at a volleyball trail. He asked Princepal if he was interested in playing basketball. Back then, Princepal had no clue about the game. However, his coach taught him everything. Jaipal also praises Princepal saying that he has not seen such a quick learner in his coaching career.

Princepal was successful in beating other 450 aspirants at LBA and won a $75,000 basketball scholarship for three years at Spire Institute, Ohio, in the US, along with a spot on his team. In 2018, he was selected to play in India’s men team for the Super Kung Sheung Cup International Basketball Internation Invitation. Princepal was also a part of India’s basketball team, where their team succeeded at defeating the team of Iraq in FIBA Asia Cup Qualifiers. Singh has also taken training at NBA’s elite Global academy at the Australian Institute of Sports ( AIS) with 13 other elite players across the world. Princepal Singh is hopeful of getting the contract and fulfilling his dream of playing in the NBA. 

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