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Our thoughts and review on Stupa Sports Analytics

Sports Analytics is one of the most useful tools for sports organizations and athletes. As it helps in using the data along with statistical results to measure the performance of the sportsmen and help them to work on their skills. Stupa Sports analytics is one such analytic tool that is engineered to analyze the data that can help the sports organizations help their players to ace their game and work on their lacking factors.

Stupa Sports Analytics has been the new edition of sports tools and this tool uses video analytics for racket sports, including table tennis. The analytic tool has been designed to draw the data from the match that can be used in analyzing several aspects of the player and its performance. The company has also developed an app to access the data whenever they need it quickly. In all the tool has an innovative approach in sports analytics, let us now see the features and review of it.

(Tool depicting the Error and Winning Placement, Match summary in Mobile App) Provided Winning Stroke Stats in Ultimate Table Tennis League for Broadcasting,
Source: Stupa Sports Analytics

Features of Stupa Sports Analytics:

  • The tool has all the features and functions to co the player profiling for the players. This data is recorded based on 20-30 matches to give accurate information about the player’s form and the overall performance.
  • Stupa Sports Analytics also features in-depth match analysis for closely monitoring the player’s performance for an individual match. For eg, it can help coaches to understand the technical, tactical and movement analysis of the table tennis player.
  • The match analysis feature of the tool can help the coaches and players to come up with new game plans, strategies along with the weak and strong areas of the player.
  • The tool is also engineered to provide real time statistics for broadcasting in big events and leagues.
  • Using data mining, the tool can also help in deriving the overall behavior of the player and career stats of a specific player using the historical data.
  • As the tool creates user-engagement and cinematic presentations for showing statistics of players and its comparisons through creative media, the fans like to watch it and also grabs the attention of other people rapidly.
Stupa Sports Analytics Mobile App
Stupa Sports Analytics Players Profile - Manika Batra
Stupa Sports Analytics Match Analysis

( Top-Bottom : Service Analysis in Mobile App, & Player Profile, Match Stats in Ultimate Table Tennis League for Broadcasting).

Our review on Stupa Sports Analytics

As sports analytics is booming in our sports-loving country India, we think Stupa has succeeded in making a functional, analytical thought that can help the players, coaches, and other sports clubs to assist in improving the overall player performance. Right from an in-depth analysis feature of using engaging graphics for fan engagement, we think the tool has been brilliantly designed to help the sports community. The upcoming features of this tool as well as revealed by the company also seems interesting as it includes nutrition and mental training, injury prevention, fitness program and much more. Stupa will be adding many sports such as badminton, squash, lawn tennis and others to its tool, which makes it a promising sports analytic tool in the near future.

What others have to say about Stupa Analytics Tool?

Manav Thakkar, the Current World Number 1 in U-21 a Table Tennis prodigy, said that this tool helped him in training sessions and also paying attention to the lacking skills while playing the matches. He also said that the data from analytics has helped him to work on his weakness and also perform better at the games. Madhurika Patkar, Indian Commonwealth gold medalist and former national champion, also said this tool has everything that a player can benefit from to improve the skills and work on the overall form while playing.

Final thoughts

When we came to know about such a creative idea and approach being used for analyzing data, we were sure that our team wanted to look at it and review it too. After going through all the features and looking at how robust the operation is, we are quite impressed by the tool. The makers of this tool have paid attention to all the details right from accessing the data to engage the audience and that is what makes it one of the best sports analytic tools available in India. So if you are a sportsperson or aspiring to become one, then don’t hesitate to invest in this one as this tool is India in Sports approved!

STUPA Sports Analytics has also collaborated with International table Tennis Federation and USA Table Tennis. The Company is also planning to bring in Artificial Intelligence to bring a new trend in racket sports analytics. They are not stopping here. They will be adding Badminton, Squash, Lawn Tennis and many other sports in near time.

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