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Kiren Rijiju speaks about sport events post lockdown

Kiren Rijiju, Sports minister of India, said that they would work on planning and adapting new things in sports to assure that the majority of games can be upheld without fans in the stadium in upcoming events. The majority of Sports events have come to a standstill due to the COVID-19 outbreak across the globe. Also, the Tokyo Olympics has been postponed to next year (2021).

Spectators were banned from attending any sports-related event by the ministry as a result of a quick response to pandemic in March. Further, as the situation became critical,  sporting events were also postponed or canceled for the time being.Cricket Tournament – Road Safety World  Series 2020 was also brought to a standstill in between due to the same reason.

Sport Events post pandemic – Kiren Rijiju

Rijiju said, Life has changed a lot due to this pandemic and we cannot live like before. We all have to follow the new norms given by the government. He further added that sports is affected as well and the ministry will work on planning new things according to the rules to make the sports sustainable in this situation.

He said that as spectators will not be allowed to attend events in the near future due to safety precautions and stadiums will remain empty, the ministry will come up with new ways so that people will not lose their interest in sports and continue enjoying it.

Rijiju also said that the ministry would also look after the sports that do not get a significant response by the viewers and will help them in these difficult times.Rijiju is willing to see India in “the top ten nations” list in terms of winning medals and has big goals for it as well.

The minister further added that the Indian Premier League (IPL) is held on a large scale and generates decent revenue from television and other broadcasting platforms. Still, other sports need help and Rijiju, along with his ministry personnel are willing to help those sports and federations.

Phase-wise opening of sports camps

The ministry is also planning phase-wise re-opening of sports camps in which athletes can train themselves for upcoming leagues and events.They will first make a list of players and teams who have qualified for the Tokyo Olympics and will allow them to practice for their sport.

Secondly, they will also allow players who will appear for Olympics Qualification Competitions. For the rest of the players, they will open camps for them after August or September, depending upon the situation nationwide.

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