WKF de-recognises Karate Association of India
WKF de-recognises Karate Association of India

Karate Association of India provisionally de-recognized

Karate Association of India that was previously recognized by the World Karate Federation (WKF), has now been de-recognized provisionally. KAI is a reputed and trusted name in India for the sport due to its credibility and recognition on the global level. However, the association had to face such an issue due to violating the world body’s statuses along with the infighting. 

WKF on the de-recognition of KAI

The federation announced that this decision was made after setting up an inquiry for KAI. The commissioned authorities of the federation went ahead with the investigation and inquiries to review the status of KAI. In the investigation, the authorities found the following flaws in the Karate Association of India:

Flawed election process: One of the major factors that resulted in this decision was the election that was conduction in January last year. According to WKF, the election process was not valid and there were several flaws. Several office-bearers have been elected illegally according to the reports.

Infighting: According to the reports stated by the WFK, there are internal fighting issues in KAI, which makes their management questionable. The report also states that the current management of KAI has lost both its credibility and integrity. 

WKF wrote a letter to the President of KAI highlighting theses issues and also informed that they are taking away the recognition from the association with an immediate effect in accordance with WKF statuses. The letter also stated that the federation is now not entitled to use the WKF logo, name, or represent them in India. Before this de-recognition, the Indian Olympic Association (IOA) had also disaffiliated KAI due to the violation of the election process and guidelines.

Karate Association of India can appeal for this de-recognition

WKF has stated that KAI has the option of appealing to the Disciplinary and Legal Commission within 21 days after receiving the provisional disaffiliation notification or the disaffiliation notice by the Executive committee or the Congress. KAI is granted to express the views regarding this recognition and also appeal for the same before the final decision is taken in the next meeting with the Congress.

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