Sunil Gavaskar on IPL in October
Sunil Gavaskar on IPL in October

IPL in October looks difficult: Sunil Gavaskar

Legendary Indian batsman Sunil Gavaskar feels that the chances of conducting the Indian Premier League (IPL) in October look grim. Sri Lanka or UAE can be favourable destinations to conduct it in September. The probability of conducting the T20 World Cup in Australia is high as they have flattened the COVID-19 curve.

Sunil Gavaskar on T20 World Cup

Little Master also feels that after the Australian government’s announcement of 25 per cent crowd for sporting events, the World T20 seems possible. He also hinted that teams might need to reach 21-days before the competition. Out of these 21 days, a 14-day quarantine period can be observed. Post this, teams will have 7 days to play practice matches.

Sunny’s take on IPL in October & Cricket post COVID-19

If ICC decides to go with its schedule for the T20 World Cup then IPL cannot be conducted in October. This comes in the backdrop of Australian PM Scott Morrison’s announcement for the crowd in stadiums.

The iconic batsman said that conducting IPL in India in September is not possible due to the monsoons. The probable options include UAE and Sri Lanka given the conditions in these two countries in September.

An entirely different experience awaits cricketers post COVID-19. He specifically pointed out the absence of fans might feel different for the athletes. Even the International Cricket Council has come up certain measures like no use of saliva on the cricket ball. Often termed as the ‘armoury’ for bowlers, it shall be difficult to adjust to this new norm.

Talking further about fans, Gavaskar hailed the importance of having fans in the stadium. The atmosphere is different and it adds to the thrill of the game. Team huddles and high-fives might take a hit once cricket resumes.

The former Indian captain is sympathetic towards the young new players who were gearing up for the IPL. A cloud of dejection might have surrounded but our youth are an energetic lot. There is no better joy than getting back to the sport one plays, be it cricket, tennis or badminton.

‘Sunny’ Gavaskar, the man with 34 Test hundreds for India believes that determination will overpower frustration. He has asked sportspersons to think about the game. It is important to correct mistakes during this time, watch videos, train and come back stronger than ever.

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  • Cricket is coming back slowly and surely. England and the Windies will do battle shortly. The IPL will somehow happen in India and not in Sri Lanka or UAE. The World Cup will be delayed and played later. Whether you agree or not, most of the top players prefer the IPL above anything else. Everyone will get their chance at the right time. Please play smart and safe.

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