IPL 2020 postponed or cancelled

IPL 2020 – Postponed or Cancelled ?

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The Indian Premier League (IPL) has always been the most awaited cricket tournament for cricket lovers all around the globe. IPL was established in 2008 and welcomed all the international cricketers to join the teams in India. Since then, IPL has been an annual ritual happening between March to May. Like every year, IPL 2020 was scheduled to start from 29th March 2020. As the potential spread of the Coronavirus pandemic was not predicted or foreseen in India, the authorities had not made any official statement regarding the same.

But as the national 21-day lockdown was announced, BCCI had announced to postpone the IPL from 29th March to 15th April 2020. The initial cases in the country were lower than the thousand cases mark and the situation seemed to be manageable; however, the cases shot up and crossed the mark of 10,000 by mid-April. Due to such a massive increase in Coronavirus cases all around the country, many sports tournaments and events were called off. 

Following the update on extended lockdown till 3rd May, BCCI announced that IPL 2020 has been suspended until further notice. The BCCI honorary secretary, Jay Shah, announced that the IPL has to be suspended considering the current situation. However, the authorities have also stated that they will keep monitoring the situation nationwide and decide the potential start date of IPL 2020 along with their stakeholders and help from the Government of India. 

As there is no change in the scheduled T20 World Cup Tournament that is going to happen in Australia yet, there is a little hope for IPL 2020 to happen. So there are chances of people enjoying IPL this year if everything is under control as soon as possible. And although finding the right date slots might be a little challenging, IPL 2020 has not been called off completely yet.

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  • I’m Table Tennis proff and ITTF level-2 Certified Coach, has Produced many Champions of Gujarat, One Boy National Champion in SubJr , Junior,Youth Category, World Rank-7 in2019 and many Nationals players .IPL should Organize at Non affected part of the country so people won’t go Outside Or can Arrange in Newziland its Corona free Country. 👍🏓🏓👍

  • Hi I’m Shailesh Gosain, about IPL 2020 Cricket should Organize at Corona free State, it’s both ways advantage that people will Enjoy it and they won’t go Outside two Matches per day is good idea. Or it can be Organize at Newziland as its Corona free Country.

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