Indian Gamers hyped for Sony's new PS5
Sony and thenextgen PS5

Indian Gamers look forward to Sony’s PlayStation 5

PlayStation 5 by Sony is the most anticipated gaming sole of recent times. What is making headlines among Indian Gamers is the new Haptic controller. The Indian gaming fraternity is looking forward to this technological innovation by Sony.

PlayStation maker Sony has revealed some details about its new gaming console. It is said to be 100 times faster than the previous version, PlayStation 4. The company is in the process to revolutionise the gaming experience for fans and video game enthusiasts. The adoption of a high-speed SSD for storage will make the new console a beast in performance.

Will it be a Technological Marvel?

If we go by the technicalities of PlayStation 5, it has the potential to deliver 5.5GB of speed data reading per second. The company in its report for the shareholders has revealed some more information. The presence of high-speed SSD will help to deliver virtually no loading screens. Open-world games can be explored at an instant and shortest loading time.

There shall be more pixels on the screen. It also widely speculated that the console will have higher frame rates and resolution. The device will have a 16GB RAM processor based on Zen 2 with a custom made RDNA 2 GPU.

One of its kind Haptic Controller! Hype among Indian Gamers

Indian gamers are particularly eager to use the Haptic controller. It reports are to be believed then the technology will help players to feel raindrops on their hands. Indian Gamers think that if this is true then it will be a groundbreaking technological development. The controller might stimulate a person’s touch via means of vibrations.   

India which boasts of having millions of video gamers and e-sports fans is looking for this tech-driven controller. It is also said to simulate while walking on ice or driving through mud in a game. ‘DualSense’s Haptic Feedback’ has enough capabilities to amaze the world. Many of the features are still being kept under wraps. Only time will give us some clarity and a better picture as to what holds for the Japanese Tech giants new device.

Read how e-sports in on a rise in India

The console manufacturer has said that there will be no delay in the launching the most awaited PlayStation ever. The official announcement might be made in June. PlayStation 5 is expected to launch by the end of 2020.

The number of esports followers are increasing steadily. In the coming few years India has the potential to be a world leader in esports.

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