Diego Maradona and IM Vijayan
Diego Maradona and IM Vijayan

IM Vijayan asks youth to get addicted to football

The iconic footballer IM Vijayan has urged India’s youth to take up football and shun drugs. He has said that it is important to get addicted to football and say no to drugs.

Message from the Legendary – Man IM Vijayan

On the occasion of International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking, Vijayan shared a positive message. The former Indian captain has asked people to enjoy the ‘beautiful game’. The quick solutions to life do not lie in drugs but sports and games. The football ground is the place where youngsters should be to enjoy the camaraderie.

Vijayan also said that football helps in maintaining a ‘biological clock’. One gets to have an 8-hour sleep cycle and maintain a healthy diet and appetite regime to remain fit.

The legend said that drugs are a deep-rooted problem, one cannot find solutions via it. An addicted person faces too many problems along with the people associated with the person. Drugs have devastating after-effects.  

Message from other athletes

Former Indian footballer Renedy Singh spoke about the positive effect of sports. For him, a drug leads to a grave crisis as one gets into the black hole. Sports abound with positivity and energy one does not need to jump into the hole.

Renedy believes that poverty, unemployment, depression, family tragedy are all part of our lives and most have been affected. People turn to drugs for issues in life but it creates major problems for them. Sports are a source of positivity and energy. It helps to overcome negativity and obstacles of life, one becomes fit physically and psychologically.

Indian woman footballer Bembem Devi has asked parents to be more vigilant of their wards. She said that the pocket money given to youngsters for their food and conveyance is used in drugs. Parents are mostly unaware of this fact until their children have already become addicted to it.

Bembem has seen youngsters falling prey to drugs and spoiling their lives. This has ruined their families too and has had devastating consequences. She said that a few organisations are coming up to help people affected by drugs. This is a silver lining and will benefit society.

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