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Here’s why Hima Das and other athletes have written to the Sports Ministry

The recent outbreak of the coronavirus across India lead to a 21-day nationwide lockdown. This has resulted in keeping some of the finest Indian athletes indoor. Due to this India’s shining sprinter, Hima Das along with the other athletes have written to the sports ministry to allow them to practice outside. The athletes shall stay within the NIS Patiala campus for the practice.

There are a total of 41 athletes currently stationed at NIS. The distance between the athletes’ hostel and training area is around 50m. They can have small groups practising at regular intervals during the day, where one group gets to train one or two hours.

Radhakrishnan Nair who is the deputy chief national athletics coach said – “Hima and some other athletes have written to the Sports Minister that they are allowed training one or two hours a day in small groups at different times so that they can also practice social distancing while training at the same time.”

“They have written to Rijiju that they be sent home if no training is allowed. (But) going home is not feasible as the country is in lockdown and Prime Minister has said everybody should be where they are.

“So, the ministry will not allow them to go back home but this outdoor training idea is feasible. We will know about it in a day or two,” he added.

Athletics comprises of different sports and in a few sports enough space is required to practice. Sports like running and throwing requires proper space for the athletes to sweat out and keep up with their fitness and physical shape.

All the top athletes have been training regularly since 2018 and if they suddenly stop then it will become difficult for them to get back in shape.

19-year old Hima Das became the first Indian ever to win a gold medal in any track event at a global event. She clocked 51.46 seconds in the 400m race to get India gold at the IAAF World U-20 Championships held at Tampere, Finland. Being a top athlete Hima and the likes of others need to train constantly to keep up with their top-notch performance.

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