The IPL trophy on display.
The IPL trophy on display.

Here’s what franchisees predict about IPL 2020

The novel coronavirus pandemic has surrounded a cloud of uncertainty over the conduct of IPL 2020 in India. There are many questions surrounding the IPL – Will it be held in India or abroad? Will it see a shortened version?

Franchisees optimism with regards to viewership for IPL 2020

There is still no clear communication regarding the IPL by BCCI. The situation in India does not look good at the moment to stage the annual event anytime soon. Franchisees are desperately looking for an answer from BCCI.

A few of the owners are optimistic about the event taking place this year. They also believe that the IPL might get an unprecedented television viewership if it happens.

A Chennai Super Kings official said that the present situation will impact the IPL. Talking about the sponsorships, he said that TV advertisement might grow substantially. Sponsors will only start coming in more numbers once the dates are announced by BCCI.

Kings XI Punjab co-owner Ness Wadia also hopes that even a shorter tournament can do wonders. The sponsors will be happy if IPL takes place. The increase in viewership will work in favour to attract sponsors.

Cloud of uncertainty for IPL 2020

Wadia said that taking into account the current situation there are many complications to host the T20 World Cup. He also said that organising the IPL will not be easy too. It needs to be conducted at a place with adequate infrastructure – both on and off the field.

He hopes that the duration and the location for IPL can be mutually decided by the stakeholders. There needs to be an adequate number of hotels to serve the quarantine period if any. The need for enough infrastructure is of prime importance to take necessary precautions.

The possible outcome

Kolkata Knight Riders CEO Venky Mysore said that a shorter version of the edition can be a possibility. BCCI President Sourav Ganguly in the past has asserted that work is in progress to assess the feasibility of the event.

Mysore also said that IPL is a very flexible tournament and it should continue to be so during the COVID-19 situation. He mentioned about the 2009 IPL season when it was moved to South Africa within a month.

According to the latest reports, BCCI is in talks with state associations and other stakeholders to put a plan in place to host IPL. Fans are eagerly waiting to hear some good news about the IPL.

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