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Bhaichung Bhutia to help migrant workers in Sikkim

Indian football legend Bhaichung Bhutia is always at the forefront when it comes to helping people and his humanitarian work is a true testament to his long-standing aura in the sports fraternity.

Amid the coronavirus outbreak, a lot of the migrant workers have been stranded in different parts of the country. With a 21-day lockdown in progress, it is becoming difficult for these frontline workers to make ends meet. There is a situation of panic amongst them.

As a result of the above, Bhutia has offered to help the migrant workers who are stuck in Sikkim by virtue of providing them with a place of stay at his new building in Lumsey, Tadong in Gangtok. 

“The people who are affected the most during the lockdown are migrant workers. There was a huge cue in the Sikkim border yesterday. I’ve got a new unfinished building in Gangtok (Lumsey, Tadong). It should accommodate about 100 people,” Bhutia said to the media.

“I’ve offered any migrant worker who does not have any house to stay there. We will also provide them with some basic ration. I’m also working with the local authorities to see how it can be done. We can support and work together.”

He further said that he is speaking to the local authorities to provide for medical services if the need arises.

The former Indian team captain did mention that there is not a single case of corona positive as of now – “So that they (migrant workers) are safe from corona. Doctors can also check. We are trying to request the government. At least they will be safe from the coronavirus in the house when the borders have been shut and locked. They are badly hit they don’t have anywhere to go.”

On his official Facebook page, a phone number is mentioned for people to contact in case of any issue. “He can be contacted on 9434117465 for any help regarding the issue, ” the Facebook post read. The call will be directed to Bhutia’s United Sikkim’s senior manager Arjun Rai.

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