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BCCI injury management plan for players

In India, no surveillance of injury and workload management was carried out for domestic level players over the years. However, the Indian Cricket Board (BCCI) turned the tables when they decided to collect data related to the injury of domestic players last year, to manage their workload and to optimize their performance. Result to this, BCCI have come up with a new injury management plan.

Points discussed during the conference

A web conference was held between the National Cricket Academy (NCA) Officials and the physios across the country recently. In that conference, a healthy discussion was carried out on the new “Return to play” (RTP) procedures.

Also, NCA collected match related data of players who played Ranji Trophy last year from physiotherapists working at domestic level. After all this discussion and collection of data, NCA said that it would help them to carry out proper injury surveillance of every player who is playing at various levels.

NCA further added that the fast bowlers of our country would receive great advantage due to this initiative.  

Recommendations by physiotherapists to BCCI for new injury management plan

A senior state-team physiotherapist said, “As NCA will track performance and fitness level of every player, so they will develop more confidence and belief in our domestic physios.”

All this data will help the state-level management to know how many matches a fast bowler can play at his/her full capacity. This will also reduce the undesirable workload on the pacer and will also provide him/her with the proper time to recover. All these techniques will be useful for a bowler to enhance his performance and to maintain a good form for upcoming matches.

Another physio during the conversation with NCA said that there is much cricket at the domestic level. Throughout the year, players participate in various T20 tournaments, ODI seasons and IPL, beside Ranji Trophy. So it is crucial to manage their workload. He suggested that the bowler should bowl less in nets if he/she had bowled a lot in previous match. Proper management should be carried out at the domestic level so that the performance of the pacer is improved and also his fitness level is at a peak during the match.

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In the past, injury-related research was mostly done by the Australian and England Cricket Board. But as it is beneficial for the Cricket Board and the players, BCCI has started to work sincerely in this direction for improving consistency of the players at each level.

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