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Appeal from the Gymnastics Federation of India rejected?

Appeal from the Gymnastics Federation of India (GFI) has been rejected for grant recognition by the ministry of sports. The rejection came as a massive shock for the federation and can be proved to be a significant setback for the gymnasts in India. 

Reason for Rejection

The sports ministry of India rejected the appeal on the grounds of this reason: GFI had violated the National Sports Development Code 2011, by conducting fresh elections for the office on 5th November last year. This reason became the primary factor for not getting the grant for recognition.

Controversies surrounding Gymnastics Federation of India over the years

The National Governing body in Gymnastics has been in controversy over the quarrels ongoing between two factions. The last recognized senior competition was in 2011-2012. The Gymnastics Federation of India has been derecognized since 2011. The appeal was rejected as the ministry mentioned that GFI violated the norms during their elections. 

As per the sports code, the office bearers need to have a cooling period of four years after serving two consecutive terms for being eligible again. GFI overlooked this clause when Shantikumar Singh was elected as the secretary-general of the sports body. 

The ministry mentioned that Singh had served two terms, first from 2011-2015 and 2015-2019, thus he is not eligible for the third term without taking a break. The same opinion and reviews were informed to the GFI in the letter that was issued on 27th April. The letter was issued to notify both the reasons for rejecting the grant recognition appeal from the Gymnastics Federation of India.

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